We Who Worship Workbook

$ 15.00

This We Who Worship Workbook is a companion to We Who Worship book.  It’s not a ‘read a chapter and answer questions from a logical brain perspective.’   It’s a soul-searching journey into the very depths and crevices of those things that have kept you from falling head long in love with the Lover of your soul.

From the very beginning you will walk a deep and heart searching path to discover every broken place within your being that needs healing and hope.   It causes you to search the depths of your own life journey to bring restoration to your heart of worship.

There are seventeen soul searching, heart wrenching, gut stripping chapters to help you leave behind any preconceived ideas of performance, people pleasing, and approval of man, to emerge in the throne room of God’s presence to be who you were created to be before you ever entered the earth’s atmosphere.

Most of our daily life perceptions are based upon the reality of a self identity crisis.   This workbook will help you get to the greatest place of your identity of who you really are in Christ as a worshiper.   You were never created to ‘do’ worship.   Worship is who you are, not something you do.   Until this is resolved within your being you will always be frustrated, knowing that you have not attained the level and depth of His presence that you were created to live within.  

Come with me on this journey, and together we will allow the guiding of the Holy Spirit to strip you bare to the levels of your most inner broken places, to bring healing, health, and restoration to your worship, so you can finish this earth with the sound and purpose you were created to walk.