Investigating Wonders EBook

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Investigating Wonders by Harry Assad Salem III

Have you ever wondered about the world around you in terms of how everything came to be? Did you ever think that one group of people came from another by way of immigration or cultural interaction?  Did you ever wonder how viruses came into being but never thought that a virus might be as old as time itself?  In Investigating Wonders Dr. Harry Salem III will answer some of those questions through Biblical scripture and scientific examination of particular subjects such as:

  • Did the modern day viruses originate in the Stone Age?
  • Were giants of the ancient world able to adapt and evolve into sophisticated cultures?
  • Were the Greek myths of heroes and gods based in some manner of real life events?
  • Were historical and mythological heroes actually caveman?
  • Did the knights of Great Britain come from Asia?
  • Are Semites more than just Jewish people?
  • Did societies and civilizations have their roots in hunting practices?
  • Are there sacred hunting laws and rituals mentioned in the Bible?
  • What were the earliest sacred sites in the Levant?
  • What were some of the earliest religions and spiritual beliefs of the ancient world?
  • Do many cultures of the ancient and modern world have a common ancestry?
  • Were the earliest kings of Mesopotamia hunters and giants?

All of these questions and more are discussed and revealed in Investigating Wonders Age of Mystery Volume II. Dr. Salem has worked extensively to provide detailed information, facts, and truths that will help readers understand more information about history and archaeology of the ancient world, peoples, and civilizations that have left behind more questions than answers.  From a deep study of history, mythology, archaeology, science, and theology comes new insight into many of life’s secrets.  To properly understand a topic, one must break it down to its most basic points and study each piece to reveal all its mysteries.  Investigating Wonders is one of those books that breaks down and answers many of the questions that the reader will have after reading each chapter.  Knowledge is power as the old saying goes, and Dr. Salem hopes eyes will be opened after reading Investigating Wonders Age of Mystery Volume II.    


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