Women Of The Nation PRAY!

$ 15.00

Women of The Nation PRAY! by Cheryl Salem

We, as women, have been given a huge gift of influence within our genetic code of femininity.  We must use it for good and not for evil.  We must use it to influence for righteousness and not manipulate for personal gain. 

Demonic powers have been at work for a long time and they are about to be exposed.  This nation will turn right side up because of our unified stand to pray together and reverse the demonic curse over our land.  This is NOT political.  This is spiritual and a battle of all time for this nation. 

In this book you will receive:

  • Revelation and insight into the current condition of our nation
  • Witness testimony to set precedent before the Righteous Judge
  • Teaching on what to pray and how to pray
  • What we can do to reverse the curse
  • Teaching on how to combat evil
  • Spiritual warfare training

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