Feminine Spirits & Angels

$ 15.00

Feminine Spirits & Angels by Dr. Harry Salem III

In this first of its kind book and study, Dr. Salem will reveal the most astounding study of angels.  Dr. Salem has pulled out all the stops to unveil the most specific examination of scripture, historical observations, languages, archaeology, and theology to teach on the identify of feminine spirits, angels and demons mentioned in in the Bible and throughout history.  Topics that are covered include:

  • Angels identified as birds
  • Elements of nature
  • The reason angels appear as men and women
  • Iconography images found in dreams and visions
  • Feminine spirits mentioned in the Bible
  • The Jezebel spirit
  • Spirits of seduction
  • Goddesses & queens
  • The impact of witchcraft on the ancient and modern world
  • Magic and witch queens
  • The masculine and feminine nature of the Holy Spirit or Shekinah
  • Female Nephilim and the mother’s of giants

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